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2024 Green Tea Brand Conference and the Second Suzhou Taihu Dongting Mountain Biluochun Tea Culture Festival opened

Mar 22, 2024 77cha


  Focusing on the theme of "strengthening green tea brands, promoting industrial development; developing culture and enabling, and enjoying Dongting tea", the conference invited more than 500 government departments and industry leaders, experts and scholars, key enterprise representatives and distributors from all over the country to gather in Suzhou and walk into Wuzhong. Through a number of activities such as special conferences, exhibitions, investigations and inspections, tasting and exchanges, the conference comprehensively and three-dimensionally displayed the new style of China's green tea industry, and drew a new blueprint for the development of green tea brands. It helped Wuzhong District of Suzhou and the main green tea producing areas in China to introduce new models and new cooperation while doing a good job in the "three tea planning", and further promoted the green tea industry in China to be better and stronger. As the core origin of the historical famous Dongting Biluochun tea, Wuzhong District adheres to the goal of building the "first ecological green tea brand", takes multiple measures and adopts measures according to local conditions, and actively promotes the traditional green tea industry to move towards high-end, intelligent and green. In 2023, it was awarded the honorary titles of "key tea-producing county" and "tea industry rural revitalization development county" by the China Tea Circulation Association.


           On the spot, Biluochun was awarded the "China Tea Regional Public Brand · Brand Cultural Power Top10", and China Tea Circulation Association awarded Wuzhong District the honorary title of "Hometown of Biluochun". On the same day, Wuzhong District Dongting Mountain Biluochun Tea Industry Association and relevant research institutions, cooperatives, tea enterprises, and well-known art museums, intangible cultural heritage workshops, tea societies, travel agencies signed strategic cooperation agreements. Ding Lixin, secretary of Wuzhong District Committee, said that Wuzhong has rich water resources and profound historical accumulation, which has bred Dongting Mountain Biluochun tea as "the top ten famous tea in China", and created a shining name card of Wuzhong as "the hometown of famous tea in China", "the top ten most beautiful tea towns in China" and "the planning of three tea" pioneer county. "Biluochun manufacturing skills" have been listed in the national and human intangible cultural heritage representative projects, and is the only "double heritage" agricultural project in Jiangsu Province. Wuzhong District will further implement the three-year action of Dongting Mountain Biluochun tea industry revitalization, and focus on building the tea industry as a landmark industry to promote rural revitalization and broaden the conversion channel of "two mountains". We sincerely invite guests from all over the world to walk and take a look in Wuzhong, taste the fragrance and elegance of Biluochun tea, and conclude "cosmopolitan feelings" with "a leaf", so as to jointly make excellent tea quality and expand the tea industry.




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