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Chinese green tea suppliers -Suzhou Dongshan tea

May 9, 2024 77cha


Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory Co., Ltd. is located in Dongshan Town on the shore of Taihu Lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It has convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is the origin of Biluochun, the famous green tea in the south of the Yangtze River. Our factory adheres to the traditional craftsmanship of green tea Biluochun tea. It also has a complete set of domestically advanced tea processing machinery and equipment, a fully automatic assembly line can sealing machine, a digital inkjet machine, a complete set of tea testing equipment and a constant-temperature preservation warehouse, etc. At present, the green tea Biluochun produced by Dongshan Tea Factory is the only key brand in Suzhou.

 The company consists of six departments: office, business department, finance department, technical quality department, production base and processing workshop. Our factory has always attached great importance to quality management to win the market by improving product quality and tea taste. Dongshan Tea Factory attaches great importance to branding. Based on the characteristics of green tea Biluochun, it registered the "Biluochun" trademark on January 28, 1991. The "Biluochun" green tea produced by our company is known as the designated tea for the 2000 World Aerobatic Grand Prix; in 2001, it was awarded Suzhou Famous Brand and Suzhou Trusted Product. In 2002, it passed the ISO international quality management system certification and obtained the national origin protected product.


  In 2003, it won the honorary title of Suzhou Key Famous Brand and Jiangsu Province Famous Brand. In 2004, it won the title of National Green Food and the designated tea for state-owned enterprises in the Great Hall of the People. Gold Medal at the 5th National Food Expo. The company aims to "strengthen management, improve quality, and continue to improve" so that customers can receive more satisfactory products and satisfactory services. In the early spring of 2004, Suzhou Gusu Evening News, City Business News and Dongshan Tea Factory jointly held an advertising solicitation activity for "Biluo brand" Biluochun. It received strong support from consumers. Applications for manuscripts came in one after another, and there were many excellent works: "Reminiscences" "Jiangnan recalled Dongting Biluochun green tea, and tasted Jiangnan's first Dongshan Biluo brand"; "The fragrant fragrance Yuan Yuan imperial gifted tea, Dongting Dongshan Biluo brand"; "Wuzhong tea came from Dongshan, and there are many famous tea brands in Biluo"; "Taste it all "Jiangnan Biluochun, Dongshan Biluochun is unforgettable" and so on. It's really fragrant and natural, with natural taste.


   Our company is a time-honored enterprise in China, with a technical team composed of three Chinese tea masters. We strictly control product quality and production technology, and have become long-term strategic partners with well-known enterprises such as China Tobacco, COFCO, Shangri-La Hotels, and SF Express. The green tea products we produce not only have a very high market share in China, but are also exported to the world. Welcome to our company for on-site inspection.

Our company is China's largest tea supplier. Our products include green tea such as Biluochun, Maofeng tea, Longjing tea, Maojian tea, Yunwu tea, matcha powder and other products. With rich products and complete categories, we can provide global tea companies with a comprehensive range of products. Stop service.

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