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green tea in china suppliers&Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory Co., Ltd.

Mar 23, 2024 77cha


      Suzhou Dongshan Tea Plant Co., Ltd., located in the origin of Biluochun, one of the top ten famous tea in China, Dongshan, a key area of agricultural industrialization in Suzhou, is a time-honored enterprise specializing in the production and sales of tea in Jiangsu, a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Jiangsu, a medium-sized technology enterprise in Jiangsu, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu, and one of the top ten innovative enterprises in Suzhou. It has the right to import and export by itself, and is a professional supplier of green tea in China.

    The company was founded in 1953, formerly known as Wuxian Tea Factory, is a professional production and sales of Biluochun tea local state-owned enterprises, is a professional Chinese green tea supplier, in 2000, the company was renamed "Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory", in 2015, the company was upgraded to "Suzhou Dongshan Tea Factory Co., LTD.

    The company's "Biluochun" brand Biluochun Spring Tea has won the honors of Jiangsu Famous Brand Products, Jiangsu Famous Trademark, Export Famous Brand, Green Food and so on, and passed the FSSC22000 and HACCP food safety certification.In 2010, it won the Gold Award of Shanghai World Expo Famous Tea Selection, and from 2014 to 2018 it won the Gold Award of Green Expo successively, and in 2018 it won the Quality Award of Suzhou Mayor. While inheriting Biluochun Spring Tea, the company has developed 26 varieties of osmanthus black tea, ginger black tea, rose black tea, lemon black tea and so on through product innovation. At the same time, it has introduced equipment to realize quantitative, small and standardized packaging to meet the needs of a new generation of young consumer groups for fashion, health and convenience. It is a professional supplier of green tea in China.

      The company's products have been sold to 28 countries and regions around the world, and has reached strategic cooperation with COFCO Group, Global Shangri-La Group, "1919" national chain and Sinopec.

In order to inherit the intangible cultural heritage of Biluochun tea and let the young generation better understand the cultural identity and history of Biluochun tea in Dongting Mountain, the company invested and built the "Jiangnan Tea Culture Museum". The museum is located in the Biluochun Scenic Spot in Dongshan, Suzhou, a national 5A scenic spot.There are rich tea culture theme supporting facilities and tea culture landscape in the museum, including "tea" culture exhibition, tea art training, tea making experience, tea banquet made of Biluochun tea, tea culture theme guest house, multimedia conference hall, KTV, chess and card room, tasting room for tourists to enjoy leisure and relaxation, self-entertainment, etc. The company takes "Jiangnan Tea Culture Museum" as the carrier to create "Biluochun Tea Culture Tourism Experience Center" with "tea" as the main line.


         Company business philosophy: to make a cup of tea with heart, to serve every customer with heart, is a professional supplier of green tea in China.
 As a supplier of green tea in China, independent cultivation, independent production, independent packaging is the main advantage.Growing up in Dongshan, Suzhou, the tea town of China, we have established an extensive supply network of tea farmers and manufacturers in China.We purchase almost all grades and forms of tea for our customers: bulk green tea, tea bags (ordinary and pyramid tea bags), private label, MTO (customized) tea orders and supply based on special requirements (minimum order quantity and conditions apply). We have rich experience in domestic and international logistics to support timely delivery. We provide tea quality and quantity to meet the needs of our customers.Our customers include: individual tea consumers, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, tea shops, tea companies, food companies and so on.


If you need a supplier of green tea in China, please email us.






If you need a supplier of green tea in China, please email us.



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