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Shanghai Luhua Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

May 25, 2024 77cha

Shanghai Luhua Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Chongming Island, the third largest island in China. It is a domestic enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, research and development, and sales of safety shoes, helmets, work shoes and labor protection shoes.

Based on advanced technology, the company continues to pioneer and innovate. In terms of head protection, it has more than ten styles of WX series helmets. In terms of foot protection, we have LH series of electrically insulating shoes, anti-static shoes, toe protection shoes (boots), oil-resistant protective shoes, anti-puncture shoes, administrative shoes and nearly a hundred styles.

The company has successively obtained the "National Industrial Product Production License" issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the "Safety Mark Certificate for Special Labor Protection Products" issued by the Safety Mark Management Center, and passed the IS09001:2008 international quality system certification. Our products are widely sold in industries such as electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, metallurgy, forestry, ports, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and construction.

"Safer, more comfortable, more fashionable" is our philosophy and pursuit.

We sincerely hope to pay attention to every user with consistent professionalism and continuously improving professional quality. And we will do our best to create a win-win situation with customers with high-quality products and enthusiastic services, jointly create a safe environment and create a better life.

The cap shell is made of ABS engineering plastic;
The hat shape is designed to be streamlined with a small rim, a convex top, and a clear overall outline;
Ventilation holes can be added to the front, back, left, and right sides of the entire cap shell, making it easier to dissipate heat from the head and accelerate the flow of air inside the cap;
Widen the brim; enhance the lateral pressure function, making it more suitable for those with larger heads;
It has properties such as impact resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance;
Comply with GB2811-2007 standard;


Casual series shoes
 Product Features:
1 High-tech shoe production: one-piece injection molding method enables all products to achieve 100% waterproof soles.
2 European-type wide steel head; introduced for Chinese people's foot type, the impact and pressure resistance level exceeds European CE standards and national standards. Not only is it more comfortable to wear, it also brings further protection to leaders and employees during use.
3 Polyurethane: The outsole is guaranteed not to come off, is resistant to hydrolysis, has strong oil resistance, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
4 Diversified sole design; the bottom structure and pattern are carefully studied by professional engineers in accordance with ergonomics and the needs of different workplaces.
Drawn, non-slip, wear-resistant and resistant to twists and turns.

Instructions for use:

1. Cap lining
The non-dangerous helmet first adopts a shock-proof device in the inner lining structure and a comfortable and breathable imitation leather pad on the forehead pad. Spiral hatbands are more suitable for visitors or managers to wear. Before wearing, enlarge the hatband slightly. After wearing, tighten or relax according to the size of the individual's head. It is more convenient to wear. Plug-in hat hoops are more suitable for construction workers to wear. Before wearing, the hat hoops should be pulled apart and then connected and tightened according to the individual head shape after wearing. It is very safe.

2. Instructions for using the chin strap
1. Binaural push-button type, double-ear strap chin strap and single push-button type: Before use, loosen the fastening buckle of the lower forehead strap. After wearing, tighten or extend the fastening buckle to the appropriate position and lock it. Just tighten the buckle. 
2. Bi-ear tightening type: The lower forehead strap adopts a tightening buckle. The user can adjust the length of the webbing on both sides according to the size of the individual's face. It is extremely easy to operate and is most suitable for construction workers.

3. Instructions for use of removable safety helmets

The removable safety helmet is a winter and summer safety helmet. In winter, put on the thermal cover and it becomes a winter hat, and take off the thermal cover and it becomes an ordinary helmet. When using it, just take off the lining of the helmet, insert the four plug-ins on the lining into the four holes of the thermal cover, and then add the hat shell to complete the winter hat.

4. Instructions for use of welder safety helmet
A welder's safety helmet is a removable welding helmet that is equipped with a welding mask on the basis of an ordinary safety helmet. Workers insert the inserts on both sides of the welding mask into the holes on the safety helmet before welding. When in use, just flip the mask down.

5. Instructions for use of electric alarm safety helmet
The electric alarm safety helmet is suitable for use on 220V ~ 110KV lines. It is a safe working tool for the majority of electrical workers to repair high and low voltage power supply lines and install electrical equipment. Before use, set the voltage selector switch to the corresponding voltage level, then press and hold it for self-test. Only after a signal can be sent out can it be used normally.

Authoritative test report:

Cooperation Case:

Factory Tour:


Shanghai Luhua Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.
Factory address: No. 29, Fuhua Road, Luhua Town, Chongming District, Shanghai
Whats app:+86 18057239928

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