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How does a purple clay teapot open?

Mar 12, 2024 77cha

The opening of purple clay pot is an important part of pot raising, and also a habit of tea people. The new purple clay pot has pores and water absorption. If it is not used directly without opening, it will not only affect the performance of the purple clay pot, but also cause harm to the human body. So, how to open the purple clay pot?

A new pot opening method
 The first method: the newly bought purple clay tea set is boiled with white water for at least 1 hours. The specific method is to separate the pot cover and the pot, put it into a cold water pot, heat it slowly to boil.Turn off the fire after 1 hour, cool it naturally, and take out the pot for use.
 The second method: first pour the body of the purple clay pot with warm water, and when pouring, the pot cover must be separated from the pot. Repeat it many times until the new pot no longer absorbs water.At this time, the hot water can be injected into the new pot (the first time), and then the water can be injected into the pot for brewing.
 The third method: boil the purple clay pot with tea water.In the pot that has been warmed and washed, inject hot water, then open the pot cover, and inject water into the pot, and then boil it again after many times.After being cooled naturally, pour out the water in the pot.

Two, the old pot opening method
 The first method: after injecting hot water, open the lid, at the same time the water into the pot, repeated many times after boil.After natural cooling pour out the water in the pot.
 The second method: first pour hot water into the body and lid of the purple clay pot (tea water is the best), repeated many times after boil.After natural cooling pour out the water in the pot.

Three, points for attention

 1. Do not use tap water to wash the body and lid of the teapot, and should use boiled water (tea water is best) for operation. Because the chloride ions contained in tap water will react with purple clay, which will shorten the service life of purple clay.
 2. Do not put the high temperature of purple clay tea set into clear water immediately, which will cause cracks or deformation due to sharp thermal expansion and contraction. So it is best to use the remaining temperature or hand to hold the tea set to achieve natural cooling, or use cold water for rapid cooling.
 3. New purple clay tea set should be placed in a dry and ventilated place for storage, in order to prevent moisture or excessive drying from affecting its service life.
 4. The purple clay tea set that has been opened should be poured out and cleaned in time, and no residue or dirt should be left to avoid affecting the next use. At the same time, we should pay attention to not let the purple clay tea set be in a dry state for a long time, in order to prevent cracks or deformation.


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