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Yixing purely handmade Zisha teapots, single pot"zhenqu"135ml

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Name: Tea pot

Quantity: One piece

Material: real yixing zisha black galaxy clay

Volume: 135ml

Size: L11.7cm*H6cm

Diameter of opening: 4.6cm


About Yixing Clay Tea Pot:
Yixing clay(Zisha) teapot is a unique handmade earthenware handicraft in China,began at Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty.Considered the most suitable tea maker set for infuser tea , and it is also a work worth collecting in art. The works of famous masters are often hard to find. It is the so-called "Why do you take jewelry from the world?The Yixing clay teapot is the most important one!".The price of yixing clay teapot is rising in the auction market.
The genuine Yixing clay(Zisha) material is only in Dingshu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu Province.This materia is characterized by dense structure, close to porcelain, but excellent air permeability with the advantages of not easy to lose flavor in tea making and not easy to deteriorate, making tea soup more mellow and delicious!
Genuine purple clay natural mud, High temperature burning production, safety and health;Made by hand,there are the marks of handmade.Because of the perfect combination of artistry and practicality, the Yixing clay teapot is so precious and memorable.

1. Please rinse this new Yixing purple clay pot with boiling water several times before use.
2. It is best to use one pot for one kind of tea, because Yixing purple clay pot can absorb the tea. Accumulate over time,even boiling water without tea putted in, you can also smell the fragrance of tea.
3.After use,the body should be wiped and cleaned. Unnecessary to discard the residual tea and soup in the teapot immediately. It is not for drinking again, but for making the teapot body glossy and ancient.
4.Above all,please enjoy your tea!

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Yixing purely handmade Zisha teapots, single pot"zhenqu"135ml Yixing purely handmade Zisha teapots, single pot"zhenqu"135ml Yixing purely handmade Zisha teapots, single pot"zhenqu"135ml

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