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About us

Welcome to 77cha!

As a one-stop shopping platform for Chinese tea culture, 77cha Mall is committed to providing a wide range of tea products and tea sets for tea lovers, so that you can taste the unique charm of Chinese tea culture while tasting tea.

 Rich tea selection

 On 77cha Mall, you can easily choose and buy various types of tea, including but not limited to green tea, black tea, dark tea, white tea, yellow tea, as well as Pu'er tea and scented tea with unique flavor.Each tea has been strictly screened to ensure high quality, allowing you to taste the most pure tea fragrance.

 Exquisite tea set collection

 In addition to high-quality tea, 77cha Mall also selects a series of tea sets for you, such as Yixing purple clay pot, Jingdezhen ceramic tea set, etc.These tea sets not only have exquisite workmanship, but also have high practical value, allowing you to feel the flavor of tea culture in the process of tasting tea.

 Professional shopping experience

 As the most professional shopping platform for Chinese tea culture products, 77cha Mall always adheres to customer-centered and provides a full range of shopping services.Our customer service team is always available to answer your questions, ensuring that you enjoy the most convenient and comfortable experience in the shopping process.

 Quality assurance, trustworthy

 77cha Mall carries out strict quality control for each item to ensure that the tea and tea sets you buy meet the highest quality standards. We promise that if there is any quality problem, we will unconditionally return or replace the goods for you, so that you can shop without worries.