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Chinese Tea Wholesale Supplier

If your order exceeds 1000 USD or 10 KG (22 lbs) of tea, you are welcome to contact us at  for a wholesale price list for Chinese tea.

Notice: We are currently looking for ambitious entrepreneurs, who are interested to franchise our tea business and represent us locally in North America.

77cha is the preferred wholesale tea supplier of different tea shops, tea wholesalers, restaurants and hotels worldwide. If you're a business owner that wants to delight your customers with premium Chinese tea at farm-direct prices, you're at the right place. On this page we've summarized all the relevant information such as discounts, sampling, payment terms and shipping options.

Wholesale Pricing

We do not maintain PDF price catalogues, because our the prices of our products are updated on a weekly basis due to changes procurement price and exchange rates. Instead, we've setup discount pricing directly on our website, so that you know the latest prices that we offer. Our wholesale discount structure for tea consists of two components: product specific discounts & shopping cart discounts. By enjoying these

Teaware bulk discounts

For teaware we sometimes have discounts setup on the product pages for small quantities. However, if you require higher volumes you may contact us directly for a price quotation. The reason we can't setup discounts directly on the website, is because such products are heavy. Thus we need to confirm your quantity and shipping country to quote you a competitive price. When you order small quantities teaware together with tea, you do still enjoy shopping cart discounts as described below

Additional shopping cart discounts

Large Orders

If your order exceeds 1000 USD or 10 KG (22 lbs) of tea, you are welcome to contact us at  for a wholesale price list for Chinese tea.

Are your Chinese wholesale tea prices the lowest?

Our teas are not cheap, but they are not inflated by middle men and brokers. 77cha only focuses on the high-end premium teas. However, if you are looking for the medium range, we are happy to source this for you. Simply drop us an email.

Please note that we don't sell 'bulky' quality teas that goes in tonnes. In this case, you are better of finding another supplier specialised in this segment of Chinese wholesale teas.


On our product pages you can also choose to order samples first at a small fee. The samples are about 15 gram which is good for several cups of tea.


77chaz offers affordable shipping methods for large orders. If your orders is above 10 kg of tea, please contact us for the wholesale price list. Once we confirm your order, we'll quote you favourable shipping prices. For small orders, please visit the shipping page for all information related to order processing and shipping.

Wholesale Tea Ware

Besides loose tea, we also offer discounts on our teaware. If you've seen any interesting tea pots, cups or other teaware, you can contact us for a wholesale price quotation. Because teaware can be bulky, the final price will highly depend on the shipping fees.

Wholesale tea infusers

Wholesale airtight glass jars with lid

We cooperate with top factories the production of glass jars, maintaining the control over raw material purchase and quality control. At 77chaz, you can order your customized jar at a minimum quantiy of just 50 pieces. For more information please visit this page: Wholesale airtight glass jars.

What are the payment terms?

Orders will processed for shipment once we confirm your full payment by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.


  1. Do you offer blending services? Blending service is available for teas and herbs that are available on our site. You can simply order the individual teas and herbs online and send us an email. Make sure to include in your email the order number and let us know which teas you want to be blended.
  2. Do you offer private labelling? No
  3. Do offer packing in single use tea bags? No, we only offer loose leaf teas and compressed teas (pu erh).
  4. What are the most popular Chinese teas? You can generally assume that the teas on top of each category page are the most ordered by our customers. If you need tailored advice, simply contact us by email.

Benefit from our China loose leaf tea sourcing network

For many of our business customers, it's not worth the time and money to travel to China and connect with farmers. This is especially the case when you want to avoid investing in large stock that many big China tea trading companies require.

77cha, has built up a valuable network of excellent Chinese tea farmers. All farmers in our network, have passed our demanding quality requirements. Our cooperation with farmers have made it possible to offer you a comprehensive wholesale Chinese tea catalog with competitive pricing. Even if you can't find the loose leaf tea that you are looking for, 99% percent of the times we can source for you from our network.

Are you looking for a wholesale Chinese tea supplier to start a tea business?

If you are planning to start your own tea business than you are at the right place. At 77chaz, you can start with placing small wholesale Chinese tea orders. Starting from 0.2 KG you can already enjoy a wholesale prices and the discount can go up to 25% when ordering 5 KG. The additional benefit is that you don't have to worry about the quality. We can assure you excellent quality, while you can focus on successfully promoting your business.